GSB 7.0 Standardlösung

The eID function in the public administration

Key Technology: The eID function

The electronic proof of identity with the ID card’s eID function offers the possibility of seamless online citizen services.

The ID card’s chip ensures that the personal data of the ID card holder, his/her electronic identity (eID), are easily and securely transmitted to your electronic government processes.

With every data transmission via the eID function you receive personal data validated by the registration authorities and can process these data in automated form in your specialized applications.

Thanks to this procedure, citizens no longer need to go to a public authority, because they can be clearly identified in an easy and secure process based on the eID function. This helps you save costs and time, reduces the amount of paper needed and improves your citizen service.

At the same time you make an important contribution to protecting the citizens from online identity theft and misuse by providing the possibility of using the secure eID function for citizen services.

Protecting the electronic identity

There are four security mechanisms protecting the citizen’s electronic identity against identity theft and misuse:

  1. The combination of possession (of the ID card) and knowledge (PIN): Only those who are in possession of the identity card and know the PIN code can use the eID function. This two-factor authentication is more secure than the

    one-factor authentication with user names and passwords.

  2. The requirements for data transmission: Data are transmitted only if the ID card is connected to the card reader and the PIN has been entered.
  3. Reciprocal identification: Prior to data transmission, citizens clearly see the data you need and that you have the required government authorization to request data. You receive the correct data from a government ID document - this creates trust and transparency.
  4. Encryption: Data are transmitted only in encrypted form.

Information on integrating the eID function

The national ID website helps you with the integration of the eID function with comprehensive information. Here you can find

Your eID service on the portal

We invite you to publicize your application(s) for the ID card on the national ID website. To this end, please get in touch with the contact mentioned on this website.

Information for citizens

Paying attention to user needs and providing user-friendly services are the basic requirements for successfully establishing new eID services. At the same time you must bear in mind that potential users may not be able to use the new technologies because of a lack of knowledge. This obstacle can be overcome by providing targeted information to the relevant user groups.
To this end, the Federal Ministry of the Interior, Building and Community provides you with information and explanatory material free of charge. It can be found here in the download section.

Additional Information