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The New German ID Card in Public Agencies

Key Technology: The electronic ID Function

The German National ID card is very important for modern public administration. According to experts and practitioners, the ID card has enormous potential, as its electronic ID function (also known as eID) is crucial for providing fully electronic e-government services. Integrating the eID function into e-government services means that in many cases individuals no longer need to appear at government offices in person. Because the electronic ID function makes it easy to verify one's identity, individual users can access many government services online any time, anywhere.
In this way, government agencies are meeting public expectations for modern public administration. By integrating back-office IT applications, government agencies can also reduce their own processing costs through consistent use of electronic processing, thereby simplifying and streamlining administrative processes so that the public too notices the difference.

Nationwide uptake sought

These advantages will have the greatest impact when most of the population uses the eID function. Currently, about 30% of the population uses the eID function; this figure is significantly higher where attractive applications are offered.
The Federal Ministry of the Interior wants the eID function to be used nationwide for commercial and government applications. This is why the Federal Ministry of the Interior is helping expand the options for using the eID function with federal, state and local government, for example through the e-government initiative for De-Mail and the German National ID card, and with commercial services, especially those provided by trade and small businesses.

Information for the Public

Two years after the first digital ID cards were issued in November 2010, all the public information about the ID card and eID function was completely updated based on experience with the previous information materials. A brochure, two posters, information cards and the national ID website explain the basics and advantages of the new ID card and its functions. The cards and website focus in particular on existing services.
These information materials can be found on this website under Downloads.

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