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E-Government Initiative

Support Following the "One-for-all" Principle

The Federal Ministry of the Interior, Building and Community promotes the nation-wide dissemination of the eID function and has been supporting its introduction in federal, state and local authorities since mid-2012 as part of its e-government initiative.
The initiative takes up specific practical questions and tries to remove legal, technical and organizational obstacles. It also follows the “one-for-all” principle to establish a broad knowledge base: To launch integration projects with a high added value that can also be used by others participating authorities are invited to attend workshops on the use of eID technology; in individual cases they can also get advice on project management, on the conversion of processes or the technical integration of the eID function. In return, they are required to document their results and designate contacts for other authorities. The publication of documented results and contact details extends the public knowledge base for implementing the eID function.

First phase (2012-2013)

In 2012 new information material on existing applications was drawn up to support the identity card authorities in providing advice to citizens: cards with basic information and examples of applications for consultation, two posters, a brochure and a one-minute film for the waiting area.
Furthermore, 24 cooperation partners developed 25 new applications for the eID function. The majority of these projects will be completed and online by 30 June 2013.

Second phase (2013-2014)

The public administration is greatly interested in the e-government initiative's practical information. For this reason the initiative will continue in 2013 with three priorities:

  1. Support for new applications and innovative uses and continued sharing of knowledge and experience with cooperation partners
  2. Support for the Länder in setting up central infrastructures for electronic identities by providing expert information (e.g. solutions and best practices)
  3. Further removal of legal, technical and organizational obstacles (e.g. improvements to AusweisApp)

Additional Information