GSB 7.0 Standardlösung

Electronic Identification with the German National Identity Card


The eID function integrated in the ID card's chip can be used to identify yourself on the Internet and at vending machines reliably and securely. The German National Identity Card's function is also a reliable way to verify the identity of your Internet business partner.

Easy online identification

Online identification is very easy. As an online service user, you can always clearly see which of your personal data - e.g. first and last name, date and place of birth or address - the provider requests. If you agree you enter your six-digit PIN to send the data in encrypted form.

There are background checks to verify the validity of your ID card and whether it has been blocked. At the same time the authorization of your online service provider to request your data is checked. Online service providers are authorized to request such data only if they have been certified by a public authority.

This double check is not carried out by the online service provider but by an eID server. This rules out the possibility of misuse by a provider directly accessing your data or the use of a blocked ID card.

Detailed information on the security of the online ID card function can be found here.

Please note:

Young people under 16 receive their National ID card with the eID function switched off. Once they are 16, they can choose to have it switched on by the competent authority. This service is free of charge.

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