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Step by Step - How to Become a Service Provider

The Act to Promote the Electronic Identification Function entered into force on 15 July 2017 (most parts). The new legal situation makes it easier for businesses to get an authorization certificate to use the eID function of the ID card and the electronic residence permit.

These certificates are issued by the Vergabestelle für Berechtigungszertifikate (VfB) at the Federal Office of Administration.

The procedure to obtain the certificate is currently being revised in line with the new legal situation and will soon be presented on this website.

Here you will learn more about the necessary steps to take to become a provider of electronic administrative services. It is also possible for you to get assistance from eID service providers for the entire process of the eID function. These providers help you get the required certificates and, if necessary, provide you with the complete infrastructure.

Steps to take

1. Designing the service

You need to define which data from the new identity card are absolutely necessary for electronic identification, such as first name, last name and date of birth. The list of data stored on the chip can be found in Section 18 (3) of the Act on Identity Cards and Electronic Identification.

2. Applying for an authorization

You can submit your application for an authorization certificate by this issuing authority in writing or in a personal interview.

Pursuant to Section 21 (2) of the Act on Identity Cards you will be issued an authorization certificate if:

  1. you inform and prove the identity of the service provider to this authority,
  2. you briefly explain your organization’s interest in the use of the eID function,
  3. compliance with corporate data protection is ensured, and
  4. the authority has no indications that data will be misused.

As soon as the VfB has issued the certificate, this information will be published in the list of all valid authorization certificates (available in German).

3. Choosing the provider of authorization certificates

Following the positive response by the VfB, you choose an authorization certificates provider to get the technical authorization certificate and make a contract with this provider. Your eID server or eID service provider needs to support the connection with the chosen authorization certificates provider, since new authorization certificates and revocation lists are regularly updated online.

4. Setting up your own eID server or choosing an eID service provider

You can either operate your own eID server or choose an eID service provider.

5. Connecting your service with the eID server

You can use the eID interface or the SAML connection to link up your service with the eID server. This depends on the relevant eID server. Service providers should ask their eID service provider which technical procedures are used for the eID connection and which software support is provided for which platforms.

6. Operating your service

You have to ensure that authentication with the eID function works with the application “AusweisApp2”. Additional information on mutual authentication procedures between service providers and users can be obtained at “The electronic identfication technique”.

Any questions?

If you have any further questions, please contact the VfB. You will find the contact details on this website.

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